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If you are looking for the best telephone service for your business, you should get in touch with Business Phones. We are based in Brisbane, Australia and we offer excellent telephone service for small, medium and large scale businesses. We can take care of all your VOIP phone systems.  We also install and maintain PBX systems as well as Hosted PBX and phone systems.

We have been in the IT support business for over 15 years and we are well known for our VOIP solutions and hosted PBX services. In fact, we have a dedicated website just to promote reliable and excellent service. Below are some great ways we can help your company.

Awesome 24/7 service

We offer intelligent night and holiday switch and this ensures you never miss a call. We answer your calls outside of business hours and we always go the extra mile for you. In addition, we make it possible for your customers to leave a voicemail or direct them to an emergency number. Other services we offer are:

  • Call forwarding and call through
  • Voicemail and call notifications
  • Professional call recording
  • Professional call conferencing
  • Easy to read call details
  • Integrated fax server and full fax support.

Below are the plans we offer:

  • 2 line basic plan
  • 4 line basic plan
  • 8 line basic plan
  • 12 line basic plan
  • 20 line basic plan
  • 30 line basic plan.

In case, any of the plans above do not meet your requirements, you can talk to our experts and we will definitely give you the perfect deal.

Final word

You want VOIP phone systems that work. You also want excellent PBX systems and hosted PBX and phone systems that will help your business.  Get in touch with businessphones.net.au today and we will give you the right service.

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Business Phone Quote Request - 30 LINE BASIC PLAN

Ultra-elegant Gigabit IP Phone


The SIP-T48G is Yealink’s most recent innovative IP Phone for a fast-changing world. Designed specifically for both local and international use by business, industry and commerce, it incorporates a large touch panel that makes switching between different screens and applications swift, easy and convenient. Yealink’s Optima HD technology very carefully creates the impression that you are sitting virtually face-to-face opposite the person at the other end of the call. The T48G is also built for the Gigabit Ethernet and facilitates very rapid call handling and the application of accessories such as a Bluetooth USB Dongle, plus wired and wireless headsets. The new IP Phone supports impressive productivity-enhancing features too which make it the natural and obvious efficiency tool for today’s busy executives and professionals.

See features and specifications

Enterprise HD IP Phone


Yealink SIP-T23P features intuitive user interface and enhanced functionality which make it easy for people to interact and maximize productivity. Yealink HD technology enables rich, clear, life-like voice communications, outsourced management options, flexible deployment and third-party communications applications. As a cost effective IP solution, it helps users to streamline business processes, delivery a powerful, security and consistent communication experience for small and large offices environment

See features and specifications

Enterprise HD IP Phone


The SIP-T19P E2 is one of Yealink’s latest answers for the entry-level IP phone that offers features and performance normally associated with much more advanced phones. The quite intentional choice of high-quality materials, combined with a generously large 132×64-pixel graphical LCD that gives a clear 5-line display,guarantees both a smoother user experience and easy access to much more visual information at a glance. Dual 10/100 Mbps network ports with integrated PoE are ideal for extended network use. The SIP-T19P E2 supports single VoIP account, simple, flexible and secure installation options, plus IPv6 and SRTP/HTTPS/ TLS, VLAN and QoS. It includes headset use, wall-mountable and has been designed very specifically for better business.

See features and specifications

Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3905

Move from Analog to Cost-Effective IP Phones

Replace your existing analog and digital phone deployments with affordable IP communication endpoints using the Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3905.

This phone also gives you access to the comprehensive suite of capabilities supported by Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Increase Interaction and Flexibility
The Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3905 includes interactive features such as:

  • Single-line IP phone with support for up to two concurrent calls
  • Graphical 128×32-pixel monochrome display with a two-way navigation button
  • Full duplex speakerphone for flexibility with hands-free communications
  • Fixed keys for common telephony features: hold, redial, transfer, and mute
  • Foldable, single-position display stand to simplify wall-mount deployments

See features and specifications

Cisco SPA504G 4-Line IP Phone

Phone with 2-Port Switch, PoE and LCD Display


• For business or home office use
• Full-featured 4-line business-class IP phone supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE)
• Monochrome backlit display for ease of use, aesthetics, and on-screen applications
• Connects directly to an Internet telephone service provider or to an IP private branch exchange (PBX)
• Dual switched Ethernet ports for connecting a computer behind the phone, reducing cabling costs
• Wideband audio for unsurpassed voice clarity and enhanced speaker quality
• Easy installation and highly secure remote provisioning, as well as menu-based and web-based configuration
• Supports up to two Cisco® SPA500S Expansion Module, adding up to 64 additional buttons*
• Supports both Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Smart Phone Control Protocol (SPCP) with the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business

See features and specifications

Cisco IP Phone 8841

How Does Your UC Strategy Stack Up?

Forrester’s top trends you can use to influence your proposal.

Voice Communications That Boost Productivity

Get highly secure, high-quality, easy-to use wideband audio and comprehensive mission-critical VoIP communications. The Cisco IP Phone 8841 is ideal for knowledge workers and remote workers across industries and businesses of all sizes. It can be deployed on Cisco on-premises hosted, Spark Cloud, and third-party-hosted call control servers*.

See features and specifications

Cisco IP Phone 8841 Video